Favorites in 2013 —> Short Term 12

"Look around, you guys. This was your first home and it was a happy place, filled with love and laughter."

Favorites in 2013 —> Will & Sonny (Days of Our Lives)

"We look straight down on Walt as he tumbles into frame, lying flat on his back on the floor, his eyes staring up at us, lifeless. And yet, his final expression is one of faint satisfaction. We continue skyward, looking down on Walt, rising as high as we can go. Of this image slowly fading to black, end series." [x]

"Let him go on from here to have a decent life" -Vince Gilligan on Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Tveit & Norbert Leo Butz

opening night of Big Fish The Musical

It was like a damn fairytale that kiss. It was the best kiss of your life!

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